Planning Access

This suite of fact-sheets was designed to help arts organisations that are developing or updating their Disability Action Plans.

It was adapted by Access2Arts and Arts Access Australia using the Arts Council of England’s ‘Action for Access’ tool-kit and research into Australian legislation, contexts and resources.

To start work on your own Disability Action Plan, we suggest that you:

  • Invite your leadership and staff team to be involved in the process. Ideally, everyone in the organisation should have responsibility for setting and carrying out some parts of the plan – from Board members to volunteers, and everyone in between.
  • Ask the team to read through these fact-sheets to get an idea of some of the issues and areas that you’ll need to include in your Plan.
  • Set an Action Planning meeting so everyone can contribute.
  • Make sure someone is chosen to take responsibility for creating and distributing your Disability Action Plan.

There are 11 fact-sheets in total, which include:

Disability Action Plans

Covers what is best practice in undertaking Disability Action Planning as outlined under the Disability Discrimination Act.

docPlanning_Access_2_-_DAPs_and_Awareness_Training.doc201.5 KB

Communication: Language and Customer Care

Outlines the types of language to use when talking about or to people with disability, communicating face to face, and how to promote good customer care.

docPlanning_Access_3_-_Language_and_Customer_Care.doc212 KB

Communication: Signage and Websites

Covers the basics of accessible signage and websites.

docPlanning_Access_4_-_Signage_and_Websites.doc209.5 KB


An overview of the basics of consulting with people with disability and the types of individuals and organisations to consult.

docPlanning_Access_5_-_Consultation.doc210 KB

Context and Legislation

Outlines the Australian legislation, planning and policy that underpin Disability Arts practice and disability equaity.

docPlanning_Access_6_-_Context_and_Legislation.doc224 KB

Disability Models

Describes two contrasting models for thinking about disability.

docPlanning_Access_7_-_Disability_Models.doc217.5 KB

Employment and Working with Arts Practitioners

Covers the basics surrounding recruiting employees with disability and working with arts practitioners with disability.

docPlanning_Access_8_-_Employment.doc192 KB

Marketing and Audience Development

Addresses the different strategies to undertake in order to market to people with disability and to build a more diverse audience base.

docPlanning_Access_9_-_Marketing_and_Audience_Development.doc213.5 KB

Programming and Accessible Product

Describes how to approach programming work by people with disability and how to make work more accessible for everybody.

docPlanning_Access_10_-_Programing.doc217 KB

Universal Access Symbols

Outlines the access symbols available for use in signage, information and marketing materials.

docPlanning_Access_11_-_Access_Symbols.doc336.5 KB

Using Checklists

Provides an overview of checklists available for use when conducting a review of your organisation’s accessibility.

docPlanning_Access_12_-_Using_Checklists.doc205.5 KB



The Planning Access factsheets were funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Regional Australia, Local Government Arts and Sport and managed by Arts Access Australia. Access 2 Arts undertook the research and created these factsheets.