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National and International Organisations - a handy list

Here at Arts Access Australia we thought this handy list of national and international arts and disability organisations might be useful.

Thanks to the Australia Council for their support in sharing this information.

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Producing Accessible Documents - 10 Top Tips!

The team at Roundtable shared this great document with us ... so we thought we'd share it too! Tom's 10 Top Tips for making accessible documents, written by Tom Smith, Accessible Information Consultant, Blind Foundation New Zealand.

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Letters of Support

AAA receives a number of requests for letters of support from individual artists and arts organisations seeking funding for their projects and initiatives. If you are requesting a letter of support, using the below checklist will help to make sure that you have provided us with all the information we need to assist you as quickly as possible.

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Planning Access

This suite of fact-sheets was designed to help arts organisations that are developing or updating their Disability Action Plans.

It was adapted by Access2Arts and Arts Access Australia using the Arts Council of England’s ‘Action for Access’ tool-kit and research into Australian legislation, contexts and resources.

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AAA Advice: Authentic Casting

Bringing people with disability to our stages and screens.

One in Five Australians is a person with disability, yet few are seen on our stages and screens. Arts Access Australia needs your support to change this so Australian film and theatre reflects our society.

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DIY Social Media Plan

Australians are amongst the most active social media users globally and your potential audiences are increasingly likely to be engaged in this space.  

If you are contacting specialist interest groups, the media or educational institutions remember to check to see if they have a social media presence (ie Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) that you can contribute to. 

This checklist will help you create a Social Media Plan for publicising your performance, exhibition or event.

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DIY Publicity Guide

So, you’re holding an event, exhibiting your work or producing a show. That’s great!

Artists, performers and producers who have tackled their own publicity already know that it’s a task that requires persistence and (for the best results) some lateral thinking.

This resource from the ABC of Publicity will guide you through some of the things you need to think about when publicising your event.

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