Winners of the AAA Art Prize Announced

Arts Access Australia is thrilled to announced the winners of the first ever AAA Art Prize. The AAA Art Prize is the first National Australian Art Prize for artists with disability. Arts Access Australia launched the prize earlier this year thanks to the support of the Australian Government through the Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport. 

The winner of the first AAA Art Prize is Eleanor by Peter Hughes.

Peter Hughes - Eleanor

Download: mp3Eleanor Audio Description mp3736.86 KB

The winner of the people’s choice award is Ocean Waves by Andrew Follows.

Andrew Follows - Ocean Waves

Download: mp3Ocean Waves Audio Description mp3562.98 KB

Voting for the AAA Art Prize People's Choice award was done via an online Gallery showcasing the shortlisted works.  The shortlisted works are currently on show at The Concourse Art Space in Sydney as part of the Arts Activated conference. The exhibition is running until the 4th November 2012. Peter Hughes, the winner of the $5,000 cash prize and Andrew Follows, winner of the $1,000 People's Choice Award were announced at the exhibition opening.  The winner of the $5000 cash prize was chosen by a panel of artists and AAA board members.

Arts Access Australia’s CEO, Emma Bennison says "Arts Access Australia is delighted to be able to showcase such a range of talented visual artists through the first national art prize specifically for artists with disability. We hope to be able to provide opportunities to showcase work across other art-forms through this event in years to come.”

The exhibition can be viewed from 11am to 5pm weekdays and 11am to 4pm weekends – all welcome. The Concourse, Sydney. 409 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood. Audio Description will be available to exhibition visitors via MP3 players and online.

AAA are currently exploring funding for the AAA Art Prize to continue as an annual opportunity on the arts and cultural calendar for artists with disability from Australia. Stay tuned!

The rest of the AAA Art Prize Shortlisted works can be seen below:

Alan Young "Buddy Franklin"

Alan Young - Budy Franklin web

Download: mp3Audio Description Buddy Franklin562.98 KB

Alan Young "Dance"

Alan Young - Dance web

Download: mp3Audio Description Dance562.98 KB

Brady Freeman "Cheetah"

Brady Freeman - Cheetah

Download: mp3Audio Description Cheetah562.98 KB

Brady Freeman "Fire"

Brady Freeman - Fire

Download: mp3Audio Description Fire597.88 KB

Carol Maney "Life... Death..."

Carol Maney - Life Death

Download: mp3Audio Description Life... Death...597.88 KB

Christopher Dolman "Ventriloquist"

Christopher Dolman - The Ventriloquist

Download: mp3Audio Description Ventriloquist911.35 KB

Claudio Matteucci "Dark Landscape"


Download: mp3Audio Description Dark Landscape353.59 KB

Damien Conte "Shocked!"

Damien Conte - Shocked

Download: mp3Audio Description Shocked!701.96 KB

David Waterhouse "Easter"

542 David Waterhouse - Easter

Download: mp3Audio Description Easter423.39 KB

David Waterhouse "Spaceman"

560 David Waterhouse -  Spaceman

Download: mp3Audio Description Spaceman423.39 KB

Digby Webster "Beast 2"

Digby Webster - Beast2

Download: mp3Audio Description Beast 2493.18 KB

Digby Webster "Colourful Face"

Digby Webster - Colourful face

Download: mp3Audio Description Colourful Face458.29 KB

Fanny Duketis "Sunset"

Fanny Duketis - Sunset

Download: mp3Audio Description Sunset493.18 KB

Fraiser Pollock "Green Fish"

Fraser Pollock - Green Fish

Download: mp3Audio Description Green Fish388.49 KB

Guy Morgan "Self Portrait after Retinal Detachment"

Guy Morgan - Self Portrait after retinal detachment

Download: mp3Audio Description Self Portrait After Retinal Detachment597.88 KB

Jacek Liminawaka "In to the Stars"

Jacek Limanowka - stars

Download: mp3Audio Description In to the Stars632.16 KB

Jason Horton "Big Brother"

Jason Horton - Big Brother

Download: mp3Audio Description Big Brother493.18 KB

Jason Horton "Good Friend"

Jason Horton - Good Friend

Download: mp3Audio Description Good Friend458.29 KB

Jeremy Hawkes "Medication Metamorphine 1"

Jeremy Hawkes - Metamorphine1

Download: mp3Audio Description Medication / Metamorphine 1493.18 KB

Julian Poon "Peter the Apostle"

Julian Poon - Peter the Apostle

Download: mp3Audio Description Peter the Apostle388.49 KB

Larissa MacFarlane "An Urban Playground"

Larissa MacFarlane - An Urban  Playground

Download: mp3Audio Description An Urban Playground528.08 KB

Prue Stevenson "From Point A to Point B: A journey through anxiety"

Prue Stevenson - Entry 1 A to B - The Image

Download: mp3Audio Description From Point A to Point B: A Journey Through Anxiety597.88 KB

Roslyn Harris "Voices Within"

Voices Within Main 2

Download: mp3Audio Description Voices Within493.18 KB

Sadami Konchi "Melancholic Beer"

Sadamit Konchi - Melancholic Beer

Download: mp3Audio Description Melancholic Beer528.08 KB

Sandra Peterson "British Admiral Beach"

Sandra Peterson - British Admiral Beach

Download: mp3Audio Description British Admiral Beach597.88 KB

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