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Artist Profile: Gaelle Mellis

Gaelle has been working as a theatre designer and collaborator in Australia and overseas or over 25 years. Her designs have toured to the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and the United States.

She has designed for companies including Restless Dance Theatre, Australian Dance Theatre, Brink Productions, Adelaide Film Festival, Vitalstatistix, Rambert (UK), Graeae (UK), Tanja Liedtke and was a co-founder of performance company Ladykillers. Individual awards received throughout her career, include 2002 Adelaide Critics Circle Individual Award; a 2004 Churchill Fellowship, a 2009 South Australian Screen Award for her production design Necessary Gamesand most recently, she was awarded an inaugural Australia Council Creative Australia Fellowship.

Gaelle proudly defines herself as an artist with disability and is passionate about cultural accessibility and diversity. Gaelle has recently worked on rarely seen an exhibition of photography by blind and vision impaired artists and  is currently developing her own disability related performance project Take Up Thy Bed and Walk.

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A white room, pot plant & row of black chairs with a young man sitting on a seat. On the wall above the young man is a large No Smoking Sign and a large black tv held with white and black straps.On the side are 3 theatre lights which cast a shadow
Take Me There. Photographer Chris Herzfeld

Artist Profile: Rona Panangka Rubuntja

Rona Rubuntja was born in 1970 in Hermannsburg and is the niece of famous watercolourist Wenten Rubuntja. 

Born deaf, Rona’s parents decided to school her in Alice Springs, where she attended St Mary’s and then went to boarding school at Yirara College, where she was supported to learn Auslan (Australian sign language).

Rona’s teachers at Yirara recall that she excelled in the arts and crafts, especially figutive drawing and landscape painting.

After she completed her schooling, Rona returned to Hermannsburg to live and joined the Hermannsburg Potters in 1998. She has since established herself as one of the prominent members of the group, working everyday at the studio, and participating in over 20 Exhibitions both in Australia and internationally. Her works are held in most major Australian institutions.

Rona’s joyous style is distinctive, humours and imaginative, and her story telling ability comes across most strongly in her figurative work. She remains inspired by contemporary life in Ntaria, and include depictions of cattle and brumbies roaming country, heading out to the outstation in a Toyota, and collecting bush tucker with her extended family.

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Rona Panangka Rubuntja 2015 (Photo: Tobias Titz)